All the way to the top!

ONE YEAR LATER and so much has changed in the world, but the lessons that I learned climbing Kilimanjaro have helped me survive the pandemic of 2020. First, ‘Pole Pole’ will get you there in the end and second, sometimes it is better not to know what is ahead before you do something.

Each step was slow. I kept taking smaller and smaller steps and going slower and slower, but I eventually made it to the very top of Kilimanjaro! Our guides reminding us that the way to the top was to go ‘Pole Pole’.

‘Pole Pole’ means slowly, slowly in Swahili (rhymes with guacamole) and the higher we climbed, they no longer had to remind me to go ‘Pole Pole’. I just automatically slowed down.

Don’t stop believing! And take all the time it requires!

This week, a couple of news stories confirmed to me that many things take time to achieve. It is so easy to want things to happen immediately. These two stories show that with time and patience, sometimes the things you want will happen. During Covid-19, it has been easy to focus on the negative. Sometimes, you have to consider things long term and not just for the moment.

Click on these links to the stories. Italian man graduates from university at 96 and rock band Ace, finally achieves a number one hit after 45 years.

Italian man graduates from university at age 96
Rock Band Ace hits number one 45 years later