Dale Anne McAulay

Dale is starting a new career in multimedia journalism after a fulfilling profession as a Mathematics teacher for 40 years. She has lived and worked in four countries – Canada, France, Hong Kong, and England and has travelled to over 50 countries. She recently achieved her Master’s Degree with Distinction at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).

Always interested in learning new things and being part of a multicultural environment, Dale has embraced a variety of experiences, including volunteer work in Indonesian, riding a camel in the Rajasthan for 4 days, and climbing Mount Fuji and Kota Kinabalu. Dale is currently learning to speak Mandarin.

Some of Dale’s recent achievements in journalism comprise of developing personal and group websites using HTML and CSS, a radio package about Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens, a video for TV investigating the new ties between China and Manchester, writing an article examining teacher shortages in the UK for Multinational Women Journalists (MNWJ), and writing a piece for the Harbour Times about the development of Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong.

Dale holds degrees in mathematics and education, possesses teaching certificates from Ontario Canada, Hong Kong, and the UK and is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) as well as being a member of Multinational Women Journalists.

Originally the website was created as part of Dale’s Master’s Dissertation and she learned HTML and CSS to develop this website.