Manchester apartment dwellers recycle far less than house residents, costing the Earth and the city a fortune

Manchester apartment dwellers recycle far less than house residents, costing the Earth and the city a fortune

Stories on the threat of climate change, environmental protests against pollution and the government’s often hollow promises to address the issue seem to hit the news every day. Many will be relieved by Manchester City Council’s declaration last Wednesday of a climate emergency, to address the issues faster in the region.

In a city that is seeing a huge amount of high-rise residential blocks being built, data released by the council shows that the residents of these blocks are lagging far behind house dwellers in the amount of rubbish they recycle. Costing the earth in the deleterious effects of this waste on climate change and pollution of the environment, and by the council spending considerably more due to the greater expense of disposing unrecycled waste.

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The Northern Gateway may be barred to many

So who is this development actually for?


The Northern Gateway may be barred to many

Manchester City Council promises that 3,000 of the homes being developed in the enormous Northern Gateway development will be affordable housing. But close to 86,000 households in Greater Manchester are on the social housing waiting list, and homelessness is visibly increasing. Affordable housing is unaffordable to many in Manchester. So who is this development actually for?

This article in The Meteor looks at some of the contributing factors that may be barring housing to many. in Manchester.

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Asian Airports – Why are they better?

The security backlog created a situation where people may miss their flights and after about an hour we were finally pushed closer to the front of the line by airport employees so that we could make our boarding time.

Four European airports made the top 10 (Munich, Zurich, Heathrow, and Frankfort) and the first one to make the list from the Americas was at fourteen (Vancouver Canada) and USA did not make the top 100 until number twenty-nine (Denver).

Skytrax based the 2018 results on 13.73 million airport survey questionnaires. It was conducted by 100 different nationalities of airline customers covering 550 worldwide airports. The survey was available in three language options (English, Spanish, and Chinese) and evaluated airport services. It covered indicators such as check-in, arrivals, transfers, shopping, security, immigration, and departure.

Why are the Asian airports ranked so much higher?

Ads As Entertainment

Ads As Entertainment

The changing world of TV viewing


The way we watch TV has changed and the advertisements are now part of the entertainment. Less people are watching commercial television on a traditional television and are looking to On Demand streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube to provide entertainment and information.

OFCOM (The Office of Communications UK) reports that while the over 65’s are watching on average 344 mins/day of programmed TV, the younger group of 16-24 year olds are watching 114 mins/day and that number is decreasing as they use their mobiles, tablets, and desktops to stream.

This Chinese mobile phone ad gets the point across about the main features of the phone while creating a strong emotional bond with the grieving woman and it does it all while maintaining a sense of humour.

Walk Around The Block

A Walk Around The Block

You may be surprised at what you find!

The Pawn
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This series looks at some of the interesting things that you can find when you take a simple walk around the block in your own neighbourhood. 
Take a closer look and you may find interesting architecture, graffiti, shops, houses, scenery, and history. 

You do not have to go far from home to find interesting things.